US taxpayers will put up money for wall but it will be ‘paid back by Mexico later’ Trump says –

Eight Democratic senators must vote to allow the funding bill to come to the floor before a formal vote can be taken.

House Republican policy committee chairman Luke Messer said Trump#8217;s team is considering trying to tack money for the wall onto a bill to pass through Congress in April. Trump says taxpayers will front the money for the wall #8211; but Mexico will be forced to pay it back

Trump supporters responded to news reports on the border wall with skepticism.

It#8217;s a means to an end to make good on Trump#8217;s campaign plan #8211; expressed in April last year to The Washington Post #8211; to threaten Mexico with tariffs until they agree to pay the cost of the wall #8211; estimates for which are between a few billion and $14 billion.

Bet said: Can I not pay taxes for this s**t? Maybe Trump can start paying some #8211; let him pay for his freaking wall.#8217;

House Republican officials told Politico that Trump would make U.S. taxpayers fork over the money. The president-elect said Friday in an angry tweet that was only half the story.

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