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On popularity between track and field and American football within the US#8230;

“I just have to learn and grow and just get back on top of my game and have trust in my coach to have the faith that I need to get back on top, and that is what I have been doing I just been working really hard all season and make the necessary sacrifices to be great.”

“It’s really difficult, but we make sure to have a lot of fun. While I was here [in Rio] my daughter actually started her first day of kindergarten, and it was special for us because she was suspected to have aspergers [syndrom]. She was really struggling. But she has developed so much and has been placed out of the special needs program last year, and placed in kindergarten, so she just had her first day [in kindergarten].”

“I feel very honored, it’s probably a lot easier when you are young, your joints still move the way they’re supposed to, but for me finding out that we have 555 [athletes] on our team, and only 11 are mothers. It’s a great blessing to be on top for so long. I am so excited to see the next generation that is coming, and this sport will not be left without a legacy. I like to feel that I have had a hand in that, and that I was able to start early and young and now I’m able to see it all the way through.”

On Usain Bolt’s impact on the sport of track and field#8230;

“I set my eyes on the Olympic Trials and the Olympic Games throughout the whole season and just took everything slow and being patient and trusting in the whole process.”

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