Vandalism spree hits Peterborough village – Peterborough Telegraph

“I know they broke into the Exeter Arms as well. There has been a bit of vandalism in the rea recently.

“The offenders have caused damage to the lock and got away with a fire extinguisher.”

As a result of the burglary, community sessions, including a mums and toddlers group, had to be cancelled on Monday.

“We were called at 7.45am on Monday 13 November to reports of a burglary at the Helpston Village Hall, West Street. Helpston.

Chris Gray, vice chairman of the Helpston Village Hall Committee said: “There was some damaged caused to the front door, and a general mess was caused. They tried to set off a fire extinguisher as well.

Vandals broke into a village hall near Peterborough in a night time spree which also saw damage caused at an empty pub.

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