WATCH: Florida mother launches vile racist rant at black neighbors — ‘You must have remained in Africa!’ – Raw Story

Discover the shocking truth below, through the :

Based on the Express, the unknown and apparently drunk lady was recorded in March, using tobacco and screaming obscenities in the passing black teens who caught everything on video.

As the one who is recording the encounter cautions the folks together with her, saying, “Don’t say little else,” the lady then launches right into a tirade while jabbing their way together with her cigarette.

A teenager will be heard saying, “It’s absurd that the own child needs to let you know to stop”

Pointing in the group, she addresses what she calls the “black b*tches,” saying, “You all must have remained in Africa. And you may return there, it’s free. You realize you can return to Africa, if you wish to. And you may bring your Washington and Jefferson last names.”

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