We must move on from points deduction – Donnelly – West Sussex Gazette

“The club admitted the charge under Rule 6.4.1 and were therefore dealt with under Rule 6.9 having played an ineligible player.

“This is a hard enough league to get results in without being docked points.

“We’ve still got two games in hand on the two teams above us in the table, which with the points deduction, means those games in hand are going to be even more important when we come to play them.”

He said: “This is a sad occasion for a club newly-promoted to step four but is a warning to all clubs to ensure that registration forms are completed correctly, and that the person signing as witness has actually seen the player sign the form.”

Mussels, who currently sit bottom of the Bostik League South Division, were charged by the league at their last meeting and the club has now been found guilty.

SHOREHAM: Broadbent; Gathern, O’Hagan, O’Niel, Whitehead; Carey, Whitemore; Packer, Laing, Herbert; Gaskin. Subs: Denyer (O’Hagan), Collyer, Goldson, Myers, Bullivant.

“The board considered the matter sufficiently serious to warrant a fine of £2,000 and although the club lost both matches in which the player appeared, the club were levied six penalty points.”

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