West Yorkshire Police find £50000 of illicit tobacco hidden in ‘James Bond style’ secret room accessible by CD – Yorkshire Evening Post

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson says the current newsagent proprietor at Kingsgate News was not aware of the tobacco being stored upstairs.

#8220;A lot of planning went into this operation with our partner agencies #8211; I would like to thank them all for their support and expertise up to and during the weekend.

They say their hounds found an extra room boasting a false wall with an electromagnet fitted which could only be opened by sliding a CD into a gap in the wall.

#8220;The items which were seized at market value came to several thousand pounds and we were able to make the streets of Huddersfield safer by taking illegal and illicit cigarettes and counterfeit goods from the shelves.#8221;

Officers also discovered more than 400 packs of rolling tobacco and hundreds of foreign smoking accessories such as rolling papers.

The illicit tobacco scheme worth around £50,000 was revealed in a tiny upstairs room which was turned over by West Yorkshire Police cops.

West Yorkshire Cops found 48,800 cigarettes that were non-UK Duty paid.

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