Just when was An Amount results day 2016? – Liverpool Echo

The space between women and boys finding the top grades narrowed to the tiniest not less than ten years in 2015.

The Adjustment and Clearing schemes also open on Thursday, permitting students who#8217;ve done better or worse than likely to change courses or try to look for places elsewhere.

Any vacancies that are offered through Clearing, the plan that enables students to snap up unfilled course places, will vanish on September 30.

This past year there have been 850,749 entrants for any Levels, up 2% on 2014’s total.

Adjustment, which enables students to swap their college or course for an additional one, remains open until August 31.

The ultimate deadline for 2016 entry programs then follows on September 20 at 6pm.

The fateful envelopes that contains your grades could be collected out of your college or sixth form around the morning of August 18.

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