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August 12,2016

Rutland Town

Well, the main has ended and listed here are the outcomes that you didn#8217;t read (so far) within this newspaper. Rutland City citizens petitioned their leaders to have the ability to election around the refugee resettlement program. These were refused that right. Rutland City chosen 52 to 46 percent for Lisman. Rutland Town voters requested for any election about this program and were refused. Rutland Town chosen 54 to 44 % for Lisman. Pawlet desired to petition their voters but were shamed and bullied into not really posting the petition. Pawlet chosen 68 to 39 percent for Lisman. Shrewsbury chosen 56 to 43 percent for Lisman. Clarendon chosen 63 to 36 percent for Lisman. West Rutland chosen 52 to 47 percent for Lisman. And Wallingford chosen 55 to 42 percent for Lisman.

Phil Scott, if he#8217;s to win Rutland County within the general election (and that he must), must divorce themself in the unsuccessful ideology of Peter Shumlin and Obama and advocate for any more reasoned and tempered method of massive cultural implantation irrespective of the security and safety of Vermont people or even the massive federal, condition, and native welfare dollars needed to aid this type of program.


Why county selected Lisman

Does anybody think, for starters minute that perhaps, just maybe, the voters in Rutland County are only a bit PO’d about being refused their chance to weigh in about this massive resettlement program that certain man — yes, one man — unilaterally made the decision to privately dump around the entire county without supplying any details to aid it? These results leave without doubt within our minds whatsoever the one issue that caused Mr. Scott, who won the whole condition (except Rutland County) with a 60 to 40 % to get rid of the “forgotten county of Vermont” by a typical margin of 55 to 44 % may be the issue of refugee resettlement, which is precisely while he didn#8217;t pay attention to the overwhelming majority in this area who would like a substantial enough delay within this program to get it fully talked about and justified on some rational, economic, security, and cultural basis. Mr. Lisman was the only person who mentioned undoubtedly he didn’t think it had been prudent to proceed until all queries have been clarified.

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