Work begins on innovative Catesby Tunnel project in Northamptonshire – Daventry Express

“Developing the design of the testing environment, managing and minimising the environmental impact of what we do and planning the construction sequence is a challenge equal to building the new facilities.”

“The next stage is to continue with the detailed design of the Catesby Aero Research Facility building and elements within the tunnel and we remain on track for it to open in 2019.”

“We have investors ready to become part of the project early in 2018 and we expect to open the facility to customers in late 2019.

“Testing vehicles in Catesby tunnel will give the UK a unique tool in automotive and race car development. We hope that this will lead to a successful science park and other regional activities that will support the testing and innovation at Catesby.

“The council is proud to support the Catesby Aero Research Facility, which will provide a real boost to our local economy and create new jobs in this high-tech industry. We also welcome the fact that this project is being driven by local talent and expertise, further cementing Daventry District’s place within ‘Motorsport Valley’.”

“We have also been coordinating information from specialists to submit documents which were part of the conditions when planning permission was agreed.

“In planning the works, including the construction of a technical research building, we are looking at the materials, trades, access requirements, specialist plant and processes. All this is accessed from the southern approach, accessing from the old station yard and under a very weak bridge that Highways England is looking to strengthen during the development work.

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