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This brings the 500GB model down to £219.99 and the 1TB model down to £269.99.

No one really expected Microsoft to update its Xbox One quite so soon, but the fact of the matter is today’s market place is dramatically different to what it was when the company released its Xbox 360. The rise of cheaper 4K TVs for instance is one driving factor, another is the fact is Sony#8217;s PS4 Pro. 

Of course, the other noticeable thing about the Xbox One S is that it is 40% smaller in size than the original Xbox One. To understand just how big of a change this is you also need to realize that despite being 40% smaller, the external power brick of the original Xbox One has now been fitted inside the device. So despite moving the power brick internally, the Xbox One S is still almost half the size as the original. Amazing.

Microsoft isn’t advertising the Xbox One S as having a faster GPU or CPU, but technically it does although Microsoft has said the improvement is so small it will have #8220;literally no impact” on gaming performance. What the slightly improved specs does allow for is high-dynamic-range (HDR) color support for games. So, if the developers take advantage of HDR in their games, those games on the Xbox One S will have brighter whites, deeper blacks and more natural colors.

All the big changes for Xbox are coming in 2017 inside Microsoft#8217;s codenamed Project Scorpio. Here#8217;s what Xbox Exec Aaron Greenberg had to say about the console:

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