Yorkshire man one of the first in UK to be injected with his own fat cells to cure pain – Yorkshire Post

Yorkshireman John Wakefield has become one of the first patients to receive a new therapy harnessing the healing properties of his own fat cells.

A new therapy is seeing people injected with their own fat cells to treat damaged joints. Catherine Scott reports.

Initial consultation costs £250 and the treatment can cost up to £5,000

“I was devastated that I was no longer able to play football and that my constant pain had inhibited my ability to work. I was relying heavily on medication and so I used the internet to seek out the most up-to- date treatment where I found The Regenerative Clinic. Only four weeks after my treatment I’ve already had a 20-minute pain free ramble. I can’t wait to get out there and get active again – I’m pain free and I’m excited to take up my new sport of cycling. I can’t believe it was so easy with no operation and in-and-out within a day.”

Using a special process, cells are extracted from this tissue and injected into areas of the body that have become damaged through wear and tear, injury, or disease.

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