YP Letters: Front-line police the priority, not management – Yorkshire Post

Here in North Yorkshire, it would seem sensible to put money into actually having an efficient police force, and not a management empire that is trying to outgrow itself.

THERE has been media coverage about the poor levels of police efficiency which had been revealed in a recent Inspectorate of Constabulary report.

Now we have commissioners, with an ever growing list of assistant commissioners, deputy commissioners all on exceedingly good salaries, supported by vast teams of support in yet more accommodation.

From: Paul Sherwood, South Kilvington, Thirsk.

Apparently Humberside, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire are amongst 10 police forces in the country in need of improvement. About five years ago the poor old electorate had crime commissioners foisted upon them and they seem to have achieved little, if anything, when compared to the former well established ‘police authorities’.

With declining income to fund the police service coming from central government and a continually rising precept being charged to the poor old rate-payer, the limited resourses to fund the entire service should not have a large percentage ring-fenced to finance the administration process overseen by a well paid commissioner.

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