Zephany Nurse kidnapper jailed for ten years in Nigeria – The Protector

Zephany Nurse’s biological father, Morne, outside court

Zephany Nurse’s biological father, Morne, outdoors court following the kidnapper’s sentencing.

Photograph: Rodger Bosch/AFP/Getty Images

A South African lady continues to be sentenced to ten years imprisonment after kidnapping a baby baby and raising her for 17 years before the girl’s real identity emerged via a outstanding coincidence this past year.

Zephany Nurse’s identity been revealed when her more youthful biological sister started attending senior high school and pupils stated her outstanding likeness to some final year student.

Condition prosecutors stated the kidnapper grabbed three-day-old Zephany from her sleeping mother’s hospital bedroom in Cape Town in April 1997. The prosecution also stated the lady defrauded government bodies when she registered the kid as her daughter in 2003 within false date of birth.

The more youthful girl informed her parents, who met the older girl and immediately thought she#8217;ll be their lengthy-lost child. A police analysis and DNA tests demonstrated the two women were siblings.

Lady required three-day-old from mother’s hospital bedroom and elevated her as her very own daughter for 17 years

Zephany’s biological parents, Morne and Celeste Nurse, were in the court for that sentencing in Cape Town on Monday, however their daughter wasn#8217;t. The judge, John Hlophe, stated the crimes the kidnapper had committed were serious, but he#8217;d taken into consideration her formerly clean record along with other mitigating conditions in determining the sentence, South Africa’s News24 reported.

Openly, the lady is famous through the name provided to her by her biological parents and used in media within the years since her disappearance. After she was discovered, the lady made a decision to keep using the name provided to her through the kidnapper. To safeguard her privacy, the court purchased that her adopted name and the her kidnapper should not be utilized by the press.

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